Karbel Dry Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler Ver.2 For Audi Audi RS5 & S5 A5 S-Line & A5 B9 B9.5 2017-ON 2 Door Coupe

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Karbel Dry Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler Ver.2 For Audi RS5 & S5 A5 S-Line & A5 B9 B9.5 2017-ON 2 Door Coupe

Suitable for:

  • AUDI RS5 2017-ON B9 B9.5 2 Door Coupe
  • S5 A5 S-Line & A5 2017-2019 B9 B9.5 2 Door Coupe


  • All Karbel products are made of dry carbon (prepreg material) that is cured in autoclave in high pressure and temperature. These material and process ensure that Karbel products can sustain higher force and temperature than the vacuum infused carbon fiber panel. Our dry carbon products come in clear coat finish for a better presentation. From the inside of the product, you may see relatively rough surface, and that is the status before being coated.

    *Default prices for Carbon Fiber Parts Are for 3k (2x2) Woven Pattern Carbon Fiber with Gloss Finish.

    Matte Finish Made to Order
    Forged pattern (+20%) Made to Order. 
    Additional fees will be billed separately.